Thursday, July 13, 2017

TBT - Lauren Austin and I playing in Estes Park, CO April 2011.
 I've done several big, long drives in the past few years but the one to get us to Estes Park for that gig is 2nd only to the time I drove almost straight from Austin to LA - but for that trip I didn't have a gig to play upon arrival.
We started one morning in Austin then drove up to Dallas for a good paying 3 hour gig from 9pm to midnight then packed up and got in the car and started the drive to the Rocky Mountains. I stopped and slept around 6am for about 45 minutes and then continued on. After Amarillo Lauren took over driving for about 2 hours and then she had to start working on her laptop for her job in the front seat.
 We made it to Denver before bad rush hour traffic and finally started our climb up the winding roads to Estes Park just past Boulder. We were in a rush since we thought that it was a 6pm start time and we were going to get to the lodge by about 5:30 or so. Thankfully though, after we passed through the amazing and scenic mountain town and checked in with the host, we found out that it was a 7pm start time. So we were able to check into the complimentary band room and go down and get some beer (Oscar's Blues from right down the road in Lyon) and some food which was great since I don't think we ate much at all on that 16 hour drive.
The host (can't remember his name) was awesome and he took a few photos while we played. He missed, thankfully, the point where I seemed to be drifting out of my head on stage - Lauren had to nudge me and bring me back to where we were. Amazingly we stayed up late and ate and drank with the staff at the bar until it was shut down for the night - post 2am.
I haven't done anything like that since - which, I guess, is a good thing

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Made It To September

It's just past midnight and it's now September. It's hard to believe that 9 months of 2016 have gone by already. I spent a lot of time on the road in the first part of the year but have been in Los Angeles mostly since the beginning of June - and mostly since my car died while touring. It's been good, though, to be off the road. I had begun to feel the burn out from constantly touring across the country. LA, my hometown, has been a good place to sort of reset and relax.
At the beginning of August I started a Kickstarter fundraiser to get funds for my new album - something that will be titled, These Motel Days. The songs are a collection of songs that talk a lot about my travels over the past several years. It falls under the Americana label with a good blues influence. I recorded the demos when I got home from the road in June and I'm looking forward to getting the album recorded and released.
If you can support, please do. I have a list of rewards to choose from: t-shirts, demos, prints of photos, house concerts, and of course the new album.
Here's the link:

I also am looking to sell some records this weekend. I have a list here on Craigslist. If you're in LA nd want to come by and check something out, just let me know.
e-mail me at
thanks for looking - and thanks to everyone who has supported my Kickstarter already.
yours truly,

a motel sign along I-40

my gear case and guitar

one of the fans up at Adam's Pack Station

Thursday, August 25, 2016

These LA August Days

It's been a busy week. There was a lot of fun stuff going on around Los Angeles and my neighborhood of Silverlake and Echo Park. Last weekend there was the Echo Park Rising music festival which went into its 5th year. I had a lot of friends that played over the weekend and since I was playing and had plans (it was also my birthday weekend) I didn't get to see everybody that I had wanted to see play.
On Monday I got back to the fundraiser that I doing on Kickstarter to get funds for the new album. It's coming along - a little slower than I would like but there's still 13 days to go. I'm really looking forward to getting the funds together so I can continue making music and eventually get back out on the road. So PLEASE support if you can and/or spread the word. I'm including a link to some of the demos of the songs that will be on the new album, These Motel Days.

Thank you for the support!
yours truly,

Greg Felden and band on the back porch of The Echo for the Grand Ole Echo showcase for Echo Park Rising
The page of Kickstarter project

Yours truly playing at Semi-Tropic in Echo Park for Echo Park Rising

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Records For Sale

Hey there friends - I've been a record buyer since I was 7 years old. I remember the first time picking out my own record - The Beach Boys Super Hits - bought in the Alton Mall in Alton, IL. Ever since then I been hooked on buying records. Over the past several years I have found stuff while traveling around the US and have just added them to my collection when I made it back home to LA. The collection has been growing - and I need to clean things out a bit.
So I'm selling some of my collection and I hope they go to good homes. I listed them below and have mentioned what state of condition they are in. I can take photos or send a little video of the record playing. Since I am located in LA I will be setting up a sidewalk sale for Saturday morning but will be around Thursday and Friday if you'd like to check something out. Let me know if there's something you want held too.
I can do shipping but would prefer not to. Email me at and we can discuss details.
And there's some negotiating that can be done

- a few have been sold already & I've taken them off the list -

Led Zeppelin II - $5 - good condition - a few scuffs on side 2
Emmylou Harris Pieces Of The Sky - $8 - good condition
Bobby Gentry Touch ‘Em With Love - $5 good condition w/ minor damage to cover
Bo Deans Outside Looking In $2 - very good condition
Wonderful World Of Country Music - 2 xLP compilation $1
Hillbilly Heaven - $4 compilation
Newport Folk Festival, 1960 Vol 2 - $8 - great condition/ cover shows wear
Golden Throats The Great Celebrity Sing Off - $10 great condition
Mississippi Blues 1927-1941 Yazoo Records re-issue 180g - $20 great condition
The Blues Volume 1 Chess Records - $5 - good condition/ minor cover damage
The Best Of Bob Willis Vol.II - $3 - 2xLP - very good condition
The Velvet Underground White Light White Heat - $12 - very good condition
U2 Live in Hartford, CT 4/20/85 Instant Analysis Records - $15 - great condition 9 songs
T Rex The Slider re-issue 180g - $15 - great condition - bought new
Taj Mahal The Natch’l Blues - $4 - good condition
Pops Staples Don’t Lose This - $15 - great condition - bought new
Patti Smith Easter - $6 - good condition
Sly & the Family Stone Stand! - $7 - good condition
Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Waters - $1 some scuffs
Simon And Garfunkel Bookends - $5 - good condition
Sex Pistols Spunk 2006 issue on yellow vinyl - $18 - great condition bought new
Pete Seeger The World Of Pete Seeger - $2 - 2xLP - good condition
The Rolling Stones Aftermath - $10 - good condition
The Replacements Songs For Slim - $10 - great condition red clear vinyl - bought new
Rank And File Sundown - $5 - very good condition
The Pogues Hell’s Ditch - $20 great condition - Greek pressing w/ band bio in Greek
Les Paul & Mary Ford Bye Bye Blues! - $7 - good condition
Waylon & Willie - $7 - very good condition
Joni Mitchell Court and Spark - $5 - good condition
Bob Marley Live! - $13 - Great condition
Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty We Only Make Believe - $4 - good condition
Los Lobos By The Light Of The Moon - $10 - very good condition
Lone Justice - $2 - great condition
Carole King Tapestry - $8 - good condition
The Kinks The Kinks Greatest Hits! - $10 - vinyl is in great shape /cover is worn
Elmore James Let’s Cut It - $10 - great condition
Iron & Wine/the Low Anthem Daytrotter Session - $10 - great condition - bought new
PJ Harvey The Hope Six Demolition Project - $18 - great condition - bought new
Bobbie Gentry Ode To Billie Joe - $4 - good condition
The Flying Burrito Brothers Burrito Deluxe - $10 - good condition
Lester Flatt Live! Bluegrass Festival - $5 - vinyl is in good condition / cover is worn
Bob Dylan Planet Waves - $5 - good condition
The Carter Family The Famous Carter Family - $9 - very good condition
Glen Campbell By The Time I get To Phoenix - $5 - good condition with some scuffs
The Byrds The Notorious Byrd Brothers - $12 - very good condition
Buffalo Springfield Retrospective - $5 - good condition
The Beatles With The Beatles Stereo - $20 - great condition - bought new
The Beach Boys Wild Honey/ 20/20 - $5 good condition
Bob Dylan Dreamin’ Of You RSD 7” - $12 - still sealed
Moby Grape Debut Album - $7 - vinyl in good condition / cover is worn
Elvis Costello Trust - $7 - good condition

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August In LA

Last year in August I was in the Southwest. I had a weekly gig on Thursdays playing in Taos, New Mexico at the Taos Inn. It was an awesome time. I had also booked other gigs in the area - and not so much in the area too. In the early part of the month I did some shows in Arizona, and then headed east to Albuquerque. I did a few shows in Colorado and then every Thursday made it back to Taos. Towards the end of the month I went up to Salt Lake City and then into Montana. It was a wonderful month.
This year, though, I'm staying in California. My touring vehicle died on the road at the end of May and I haven't replaced it. So I'm kind of stuck in Los Angeles. I did do a big road trip in July and I rented a car for that. I drove 4.5K miles in 9 days. It was a very busy run through the western states - not too much down time at all - and so much driving. I was able to go through my beloved Flagstaff and into New Mexico - up to Colorado - further north to Idaho - and then up and across into Montana. Summer in Montana is wonderful and I was glad that the place in Livingston asked me to come up and play.
So here we are in August and it's time to get some work done. I do have some shows that don't require much driving, which obviously is good. The work that I'm talking about is getting a new album recorded. I have the songs - songs that I've been writing over the past couple years. I just haven't had the time to get them down and recorded properly. I was hoping to get a new album recorded at the beginning of the year. I had the month of January where I was staying in LA and I had tried to get funds together in December, but crowd funding in December isn't the best time to do that. I know that now. When I got back home in June - car-less and a little depressed - I used my free time to record demos and I was able to get around 15 completed and it brought into sight how the album would feel. Since then I've been making adjustments here and there and the album is coming to life. It's going to be called, These Motel Days.
When I went through Denver last month I was able to pick up my cousin's recording system and since I've been home I have started the recording process. It's going to take a bit of time - I need to get Matt, the drummer for Jeremiah and the Red Eyes - over to the house so I can record some drums tracks - I need through these next few gigs and then get my gear set up so I can just jump into recording. I'm looking forward to getting it all done - although I do love recording - but there's still a lot to do. I started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the new album. I have now just under 4 weeks to go to raise $3500 which will cover the expenses and get the album out to the world. Please support if you can - and/or pass on the word

I can't wait to get back out on the road too. I'm going to start booking shows for the winter and get a friend or two to travel with me around the West.

8/11 Thursday - Barmel - Carmel-By-The_Sea 7pm
8/13 Saturday - Frogtown Art Walk - Frogtown, Los Angeles 6pm
8/14 Sunday - Adam's Pack Station - Arcadia 1pm
8/20 Saturday - Echo Park Rising - TBA
8/20 Saturday - The Crest Lounge - Temple City (Birthday Show!)
8/21 Sunday - The Escondite Anniversary party - Los Angeles 4pm
8/23 Tuesday - The Escondite - Los Angeles 10pm

yours truly

Motel sign in Grants, New Mexico

Close to Townsend, Montana - down the road from the campground
Where I left my touring vehicle - just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico - I did get 26K miles out of it in 5 months
Livingston, Montana

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jeremiah and the Red Eyes Spring 2016 News

Hello there friends -
This year has been off to a good start so far. I've been on the road through the Southwest and up the West Coast - and ready to do more traveling. Next up is a trip through the Southwest with my friend and fellow singer/songwriter Caitlin Anne Webster. We have 3 confirmed dates so far - a couple things fell through - so if you have a place in Colorado for us on Saturday, April 2nd let us know.
After the Southwest I head east through the Midwest and then into the South and Southeast and will be joined by Mikaela Dewar for some of those shows. I'm looking forward to being back in that area - St. Louis, Nashville - ready for some BBQ.
In May I'll be hitting the road with English singer/songwriter Dan Korn. We have a month of shows - from LA up the coast and into the north - Idaho, Utah, Montana, and down through the Southwest.
So come on out if you can to a show if I'm coming through your area.
Upcoming Show dates:
03/29/16 Tuesday - The Cinema Bar - Culver City, CA 9pm
03/30/16 Wednesday - The Escondite - Los Angeles, CA 10pm
03/31/16 Thursday - Flagstaff Brewing Co. - Flagstaff, AZ w/ Caitlin Anne Webster
04/01/16 Friday - Copper Club Brewing Co. - Fruita, CO w/ Caitlin Anne Webster
04/03/16 Sunday - The Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn - Taos, NM w/ Caitlin Anne Webster
04/07/16 Thursday - High Desert Brewing Co. - Las Cruces, NM
04/08/16 Friday - Dark Sky Brewing Co.- Flagstaff, AZ 5pm
04/09/16 Saturday - The State Bar - Flagstaff, AZ
04/13/16 Wednesday - Kirby’s Beer Store - Wichita, KS
04/14/16 Thursday - Evangeline’s Bistro - St. Louis, MO
04/15/16 Friday - The Heavy Anchor - St. Louis, MO
04/16/16 Saturday - Southgate House Revival - Newport, KY
04/17/16 Sunday - Antique Archeology - Nashville, TN 12pm
04/20/16 Wednesday - Green Man Brewery - Asheville, NC
04/21/16 Thursday - Sugarlands Distilling Co. - Gatlinburg, TN
04/22/16 Friday - Asheville - TBA
04/23/16 Saturday - Asheville - TBA
04/27/16 Wednesday - The Escondite - Los Angeles, CA
05/01/16 Sunday - The Barn - Newberry Springs, CA w/ Dan Korn
05/02/16 Monday - Silverlake Lounge - Los Angeles, CA w/ Rod Melancon
05/03/16 Tuesday - The Cinema Bar - Culver City, CA w/ Dan Korn
05/04/16 Wednesday - 4th Street Vine - Long Beach, CA w/ Dan Korn
05/05/16 Thursday - Honky Tonk Hacienda at El Cid - Los Angeles, CA
05/07/16 Saturday - Standing Sun Wines - Buellton, CA w/ Dan Korn
05/08/16 Sunday - The Bistro - Hayward, CA 1pm w/ Dan Korn
05/11/16 Wednesday - the Edge Brewing Co. - Boise, ID w/ Dan Korn
05/12/16 Thursday - Hog Wallow Pub - Cottonwood Heights, UT
05/14/16 Saturday - Bitterroot Brewing Co. - Hamilton, MT w/ Dan Korn
05/15/16 Sunday - Blackfoot River Brewing Co. - Helena, MT w/ Dan Korn
05/17/16 Tuesday - MAP Brewing Co. - Bozeman, MT w/ Dan Korn
05/18/16 Wednesday - Lockhorn Ciderhouse - Bozeman, MT w/ Dan Korn
05/19/16 Thursday - The Murray Bar - Livingston, MT w/ Dan Korn
05/21/16 Saturday - Katabatic Brewing Co. - Livingston, MT w/ Dan Korn
05/25/16 Wednesday - Red Door Brewing Co. - Albuquerque, NM w/ Dan Korn
05/27/16 Friday - Black Shirt Brewing Co. - Denver, CO w/ Dan Korn
05/28/16 Saturday - Blue Heron Brewing Co. - Embudo, NM w/ Dan Korn
05/29/16 Sunday - Seasons - Albuquerque, NM w/ Dan Korn
yours truly,

Friday, August 1, 2014

August On The Road

Hey there -
It's been a while since I've posted anything here but I have a tour coming up and I'll be writing here and posting photos as I journey north to Montana and then back down through Colorado, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then back to California and my home in Los Angeles. It's going to be just under 3 weeks of traveling and playing and I'm really looking forward to getting back out on the road. I've stayed pretty close to home over the past couple of months so it'll cool to see road signs and truck stops and meeting new people and hearing and seeing new artists out there across the Western States.
Here are the dates:

8/12 Tuesday - The Cinema Bar - Culver City
8/14 Thursday - Bitter Root Brewing - Hamilton, MT
8/15 Friday - The Mint Bar and Grill - Livingston, MT
8/17 Sunday - Blackfoot River Brewing Co - Helena, MT
8/19 Tuesday - KRFC Live@Lunch - Fort Collins, CO 12 Noon CST (radio show - which can be streamed online)
8/20 Wednesday - Kirby's Beer Store - Wichita, KS (the birthday show)
8/21 Thursday - The 806 - Amarillo, TX
8/22 Friday - Left Hand Brewery - Longmont, CO
8/23 Saturday - TBA - Denver, CO
8/26 Tuesday - Zinc Cellar Bar - Albuquerque, NM
8/27 Wednesday - The Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn - Taos, NM
8/28 Thursday - Flagstaff Brewing Co - Flagstaff, AZ
8/29 Friday - The Raven Cafe - Prescott, AZ
8/30 Saturday - The Spirit Room - Jerome, AZ
8/31 Sunday - San Tan Brewery - Chandler, AZ

and then back to California:
9/5 Friday - Taix 321 Lounge - Echo Park, CA
9/14 Sunday - the Pour House - Paso Robles, CA
9/27 Saturday - Standing Sun Winies - Buellton, CA

I'll be taking plenty of photos and look forward to sharing them
See you out on the road
yours truly,